Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Road trippin' to Marfa, TX

Hola!  Check out a couple of photos my cousin Tamara took during our fun seven hour road trip from Austin to Marfa.  There were so many good pics, it was so hard to narrow it down.  Another humongous thanks to her for dealing with me pulling over at least every hour for a photo op.  

More snapshots to come - Stay tuned!

We took a pic of the directions because we had ZERO phone service (Thank God we did)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The BEST moment...EVER!

So I was sitting at my desk preparing some documents to give to my boss for review and my phone would not stop vibrating.  I have it set for just emails and phone calls- the rest of my notifications are off so I'm not distracted.  I look down at my phone and noticed a considerable amount of texts from my amigas but I found it odd because it was the middle of the day (12:46pm to be exact).  As I slid the grid of my iphone, I noticed a tweet from Tracee Ellis Ross. Now, I absolutely LOVE and admire this woman.  I mean I have spent hours of my weekends on the sofa with popcorn watching Girlfriends and taking mental notes of her dope outfits and hairstyles.  Ok ok, back to the point -  I am a TOTAL novice to Twitter. Just typing it makes me anxious since I haven't mastered it, yet.  Honestly, I don't understand it at all.  So, I check my twitter notifications to see what was written and this comes up.

I really thought it was a joke until I checked my e-mail and saw this...

I finally got around to my texts (at this point I was shaking) to read all of the amazing and heartfelt texts my friends wrote - LOVE you guys!  Now with all that being said, I just have to say THANK YOU to Tracee Ellis Ross.  I know everyone has a story but thank you for reading and sharing mine.


Read the awesome post written by my curlfriend on

*A SUPER BIG GRACIAS to my curlsisters Ana and Denise from Curly Essence for writing such a great article.  I am so humbled!

To the Max!

This is the outfit that I wore the second day in Austin.  It was a huge difference from rockin' layers to the airport and boots on my feet.  This maxi dress was perfect and super comfy to explore the city.  The weather was absolutely beautiful!  85 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.  Oh yeah and no humidity!  Holy happy hair day!

Stay tuned- more pics to follow...

Dress, scarf, sunglasses, bag and shoes:  all Forever 21
Jacket: Levi's

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Texas Getaway: First stop - Austin!

Howdy, ya'll!  

I finally had a chance to some what organize my pics from my Texas vacation.  I know it might seem random that I went to Austin but I've always heard great things about the city and was dying to check it out.  My cousin Tamara agreed to roll with me and it was great to spend quality time with her and friends that I haven't seen in over five years!  Also,  the power of social media allowed me to meet and partaaay with my curlfriend April (@_thehalfrican).  A huge thank you to Queta, Fred and April for being such awesome hosts during our trip!  LOVE YOU! 

Enjoy the pics- there are more to come!


Meet  April!

Meet Queta!

  South Congress Avenue

My cousin and road dawg Tamara

Monday, March 24, 2014

Primavera por favor

Location: Highland Park 

Primavera por favor (Spring, PLEASE)

This has been the longest winter EVER and I can't wait for the warm weather!  So, I just had to recreate a bright day indoors and treat myself to my favorite snacks from back in the day, especially an ice cold Goya Malta.  YUMMMM!

Fun facts:  
  • Chifles plantain chips are made from all natural ingredients and are a healthy alternative to potato chips.
  • They are gluten free! A tasty snack for those that suffer from celiac disease.
  • Chifles is ran by a woman (woooo hooo) and is a certified Women's Business Enterprise.

Photos by: Maleknaz

Sweatshirt: (similar)  Etsy
Jeans: Prps
Shoes: Zara
Rings: Wink

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wash Yo Rizos day! Dark & Lovely Anti-Breakage product review

For the most part, you all kind of know that I LOVE the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale anti-shrinkage line.  So when I found out they were launching the anti-breakage products, I was suppppper excited to try it.  So here we go -  below is 8 day dirty pelo.  




Process Time: 1 hour and 7 minutes

Products (l to r):  Ecostyler styling gelDark and Lovely Au Naturale anti-breakage Root to Tip mender, Dark and Lovely Au Naturale anti-breakage Strength Restoring conditioner, Dark and Lovely Au Naturale anti-breakage Tension Release hair wash

Wash: 1X with Dark and Lovely Au Naturale anti-breakage Tension Release hair wash

Condition/Detangle:  Dark and Lovely Au Naturale anti-breakage Strength Restoring conditioner. Finger combed hair from ends to root and rinsed with cold water.

Style: Coated hair with Dark and Lovely Au Naturale anti-breakage Root to Tip mender and then applied Ecostyler styling gel.

Diffused hair for 9 minutes on low heat.

Seal: (not shown) Ella's concoctions Quickie Oil for women

VERDICT:  1 Thumb Up 

  • The scent- all of the products have a delightful citrusy fragrance
  • After one wash, my hair felt clean and product buildup free
  • The conditioner was thick in consistency which made it easy for detangling
  • Reasonably priced
  • My hair felt drier than normal so I had to add more quickie oil after styling
  • The root to tip mender was too thick for my texture of hair (it is fine despite the volume)
  • Significant amount of shrinkage

I really enjoyed trying out the products.  The hair wash definitely lived up to its name - the rizos were definitely squeaky clean. I would use the conditioner consistently because I really liked the slip of it and it was significantly easier to detangle. I can also use it as a deep conditioner as mentioned on the label - Score!  I would have to try using a lesser amount of the root to tip mender so my hair won't feel weighed down.  

I recommend these products.  I have not been disappointed with Dark and Lovely products and the best part is they do not cost a fortune!

Thanks Dark and Lovely!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Berry Tasty Green Juice


1 bag of spinach
6 strawberries
1 piece of ginger  
3 oranges

*This amount actually makes two cups of juice but I separated them into 1 cup mason jars.